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We would like to welcome you to the Concrete Surface Preparation Center. This Network hub offers services in shotblasting, grinding, scarification & concrete floor surface preparation. We have a huge network of contractors and applicators at our disposal to make sure you get the expertise you need.
We also sell shotblasters, grinders and replacement parts for BW Mfg Machines, Kut-Rite Machines, Onfloor Machines, Metabo, and more

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What Kind Of Floor Preparation Services & Manufacturers Does Surface Preparation Center Provide?

• Steel Shotblasting
• Diamond Grinding

• Scarification

  • Epoxy Floor Installations • Concrete Polishing • Kut-Rite Manufacturing  
  • Onfloor Concrete Surface Grinders • BW Manufacturing • Metabo  

Who We Are & What We Do?

• For over 10 years we've been serving the mid-west in both the concrete preparation and coating applications
• Our shot blasting production capabilities are up to 30,000-40,000 sq/ft per shift
• We have a network of contractors / installers and prep teams to service your needs
• We network of floor coatings installers all over Michigan
• Our equipment maintains a safe, dust-free environment
• We now service and repair shotblasters, grinders and Graco spray pumps

What Kind Of Materials Can Surface Preparation Center Remove?

• Glues
• Thin-Mil Coatings

• Heavy Contaminants

• Caulks  
  • Laitance • Concrete Sealers • Mastics • Tar Residue  


Methods such as Shot Blasting, Scarifying, Diamond Grinding are examples of effective means of mechanical surface preparation. Below is a brief summary of these methods with features, benefits and limitations. These examples are normally the primary choice of professional contractors:

Concrete grinding is a generic term describing several types of services (see term definitions on sidebar on this page). Each service utilizes a different type of machine, process and abrasives to accomplish the task. Depending on the desired result, the different services each have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can click on any of the terms listed on the right to see how each process works

Shot Blasting

Steel Shotblasting is the preferred method of mechanical preparation that cleans and profiles simultaneously. Shot Blasting strips thin coatings, removes contamination and laitance (soft concrete) to reveal a mechanical profile for improved bonding. This method is achieved by blasting a concrete surface with steel shot (small steel balls) at a high velocity. It is suitable for large and small areas. Shot Blasting delivers high production rates, dust free, dry and cost-effective. Excess shot must be swept-up after blasting and dust is recovered by a powerful dust collection system.

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Shotblasting Concrete - Closeup Example


Method uses metal or carbide disks that rotate at high speeds. Levels uneven floors and edges of concrete. Removes adhesives and thick film coatings. Used for heavy coatings removal up to 1'' thick. Dusty, very slow and labor intensive.

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Scarifying Concrete - Depth Example

Diamond Grinding

Diamond bits are used to grind the surface. Leaves a very smooth profile-ideal for thin film system applications. Low dust levels. Removes epoxies and urethanes. Slower than other methods. Grinding can also leave swirl marks in the slab if you're overly aggressive.

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Diamond Grinding Concrete Example


Prepares, cleans and abrades existing coatings for recoat and helps smooth aggregate floors. removes coatings from a concrete floor and prepares for thin mil coating systems. Is slow and intensive. This technique works for coatings that were recently applied and need to be touched up with an additional coating.

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Sanding/Grinding A Coating For Recoat

Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing is achieved by using heavy-duty polishing machines equipped with progressively finer grits of diamond-impregnated segments or disks (akin to sandpaper) are used to gradually grind down surfaces to the desired degree of shine and smoothness.

The process begins with the use of coarse diamond segments bonded in a metallic matrix. These segments are coarse enough to remove minor pits, blemishes, stains, or light coatings from the floor in preparation for final smoothing. Depending on the condition of the concrete, this initial rough grinding is generally a three- to four-step process.

Concrete polishing is a great solution to problem floor conditions such as moisture, chemicals or hard abuse.

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Concrete Polishing Example

Epoxy Floor Coating Services

We offer floor coating installations for residential and commercial customers. We carry waterborne epoxy, solventborne epoxy, 100% solids epoxy , polyaspartic epoxy, urethane clear coats, concrete dyes & sealers. We have coatings that are safe, look amazing, and will withstand even the hardest abuse.

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Floor Coating Application Example

Concrete Floor Patching & Repair

Before applying any coatings; all pits, divots and crack should be repaired. We fill in any defects in the concrete surface to make sure there is a nice level, defect-free floor to apply your coatings.

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Concrete Floor Patching & Repair Example

Floor Preparation & Floor Coating
Installation Coverage Area:

We Are Proud To List Some Of The Clients Serviced in Our Network:


Midwest Floor Preparation Coverage Area


Macomb County Jail
Macomb, MI

Motor City Casino (Parking deck)
Detroit, MI

M-10 Bridges (MDOT)
Midland, MI

Planet Fitness Gyms
Multiple Locations, MI

M-59 & I-75 (MDOT Bridge)
Auburn Hills, MI

National Armory
Grand Ledge, MI

U.S Postal Service (Hub)
Troy, MI

Salvation Army
Holly, MI

Wixom Fire Hall
Wixom, MI

TRW (World HQ)
Livonia, MI

Parking Deck
Plymouth, MI

Wyandotte Animal Shelter
Wyandotte, MI

Manhiem Auto Auction
Flat Rock, MI

• Michigan
• Ohio
• Indiana
• Illinois
• Wisconsin

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